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522xi SAM or Coil issue

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I've developed an intermittent miss on my 522xi with a  Kohler CH22s (~ 600 hours) after it warms up. It's intermittent and seems to happen when the engine is under load (e.i. on a slight hill). I did a tune up on it by changing the oil, replaced the plugs (gapped correctly), air and fuel filters, blades. I also drained the fuel (non-ethanol) to check for water (none) and checked the shut off valve for foreign material. I discovered some slight debris in the shut off valve but that wasn't the problem. After the tune up it felt like it had more power and then started the intermittent miss again. I'm wondering if the SAM module or one of my coils are failing once the engine gets hot. It appears the SAM module is no longer available.


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!



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I'm thinking its one of the coils failing, but that's guess.  Always a challenge to find the source of a miss


That SAM (speed advance module) is available.  The Toro part number is a Kohler number.  Search fleabay for "Kohler 24 584 09"  several show up.  Not cheap.


Good luck.

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