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I have a 2001 Toro 268H that had a Kohler CV18S in it that threw a rod. I picked up a CV20S to replace it with. I'm used to my older 520 and 416 Onans, these Kohlers are foreign to me!  ;-)  I'm going to replace the starter as the donor uses an external solenoid, and the old one had it all on the starter, this way I can use the factory wiring with less issues. The bigger issue is that there is no external voltage regulator on this one, the 18 had one? There is a "cover" where the regulator would be and a two-wire black and yellow wire coming out the back of the motor, anyone have an idea what that is?


Not sure how to complete the charge system on this swap.



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Don't see a regulator on the CV20



If the CV18 has a spec #61528



Hopefully you can swap the flywheel and stator.


Page 40 of this manual shows a 3amp charging system which is likely what the CV20 has. Yellow and black stator leads are identified.



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