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Ignition coil failures aftermarket parts

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In 2016, my H518 died one hot summer day while mowing after 1 hour. I had to change out the ignition module, the magnet ring and the coil along with the condenser. The tractor worked fine the rest of the summer in 2016. Then in the Spring of 2017 I had to move the tractor in the garage. It started fine, I moved it to a new location withing the garage but after shutting off the engine, I decided that it had to move a little further. It started, backfired and quit and never started again. I never had time to get back to troubleshooting the problem until yesterday. Using a test light, the ignition module tested fine, the plugs were new, gas to carburetor OK, but it still would not start. I disconnected the coil and here is what I found: the Primary read zero "0" ohms, and the Secondary read 70 ohms. Bad Coil after only one season. The part number that I ordered was 541-0522 in 2016. The original coil lasted 26 years !!! Does this speak well for aftermarket knock-off parts? Probably built in China ?

   I am ordering a replacement from Power Parts in Minnesota that carries the OEM part number of 166-0761, and looks exactly like the one that failed after 26 years.

Has anyone else had per-mature ignition coil failures ???

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wrong part number, missing one digit

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