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Starter/ignition kill switch

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I've got a 1961 H55D with electric motor start. The engine starts by me using a shorting wire from the battery to the post directly on the starter. I want to install a starter switch (missing) in the hole below the steering, which I believe is where the switch went. From threads I've read through, ot appears this switch is difficult if not impossible to locate, but another newer style is available?


I also think I read that this switch has two posts, one to operate the solinoid (spelling), and one to kill the spark/engine from running. On the center post of the solinoid, does that get a ground to operate it,from the switch? And the second post of that switch provides ground to the coil to kill spark, which I believe runs to the circuit board where the diodes and other connections are?


My switch was missing when I obtained the tractor, so I'm going from my brain as to how this switch would work, and from notes on this site.

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Posted (edited)

I messed up and posted in the wrong section. Thanks for the answer, and I'll repost in the correct forum section and ask that the moderators delete this.


This thread can be deleted, as I have another one going. Sorry.

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