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656(hh60) Wiring questions

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I am putting my 656 back together and I see on the electrical diagram that there should be a white common wire going to the fuse panel. Does anyone have a photo of how they current have there tractor wired? I reconnected all my wires back how I took them off Negative is on side of the motor, one pole from switch to starter, other switch to Positive, and Green to the middle fuse panel location. I attempted to roll it over and was greeted with a click and a little puff of smoke so I am thinking something is wrong somewhere lol. It is a fairly simple system so I am hoping I just am missing something obvious.

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Take a look at these. Click on the pictures and again on the next page to enlarge them

You have magneto ignition so the lone ignition wire is simply grounded to the chassis or battery (-) to stop the engine. Not grounded the engine should run. Do not allow any battery voltage into that ignition wire. That will result in the magic smoke being released from the ignition coil and there is no way to put it back in. When working on problems like this it is best to disconnect that ignition wire and isolate it so it can not get to any battery voltage by accident or otherwise. If the engine is running and you want to shut it off pull that wire from it's hiding place and ground it on the chassis metal or battery (-).

Keep us posted on your progress.



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