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HVC Rally. Cumbria. UK.

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  Sunday 6th of May saw the 35th Heathersgill Vintage Rally. Held at Carlisle Airport, Cumbria. A sunny and hot day for a change, saw an entry of 500 exhibits, trade stand and craft stalls.

  I took my '79 C-81 with finger bar. (Sickle bar to the US.) '78 C-121 (The Black Horse) Modified for ploughing and my '78 Sears/Roper GT16 with B&S twin.

 Due to being an official, car steward, general dogs body and fount of all knowledge, (so some thought), I didn't manage to get as many photo's as I would have liked. What I did get are as follows.


 First some of the things for sale in the auction.


Restoration project anyone? It's a David Brown. Or was.



Couple of hand implements for when men were men and sheep trembled.



Shopping transport for SWMBO.






SWMBO on the left and friend with stall of her hand painted pots, mugs decorated with her own art work and cake stands she made from old records.



Some old cars.




Ford Model T. Imported from Kansas. Complete with bullet holes in the doors.



Customised Reliant Robin three wheeler.



Citroen 2CV and Renault Dolphin.



Honda CX500



Tidy, unrestored BSA and Watsonia sidecar.



Norton Trials bike.



Ex British army Bedford with low loader.



Horticultural exhibits.









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Thanks for the excellent pictures. I had a 1957 Renault Dolphin and without a doubt it was one of the worst cars I ever owned. The Allen Oxford saw looked quite dangerous. Loved the old cars , it is amazing to see old vehicles in great shape. Loved the cross cut saw , my father had one , had 2 handles and no petrol motor and was not a favorite item to use .  I forgot to mention the Robin . After the tall chap on Top Gear tried driving one I knew I did not want any part of the that car.

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Posted (edited)

Great shots Norm. I love all the pics on that side of the pond. The Renault gives me the heebie geevies. I name every one of those toilets I see as "The Unfixable Car" They make K cars seem like a Rolls! :auto-swerve:

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:text-coolphotos:             Always love the pictures nyou bring us, so many things we never see on this side of the pond.     :thanks:

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