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I have I believe is a 73 commando 800 8hp kohler k181s put a new switch on it due to starter sticking on and got a new starter and completely charged the battery and new solenoid has power to the battery side of solenoid but not starter side but will turn over if jumped has no power going to the switch. Wondering if anyone had this problem before 

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2 minutes ago, Jpud said:

 has no power going to the switch.

I think you have the answer.   You must have power to the switch.  

Oh, :text-welcomeconfetti: to the :rs:

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Check here for a manual




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That's how my switch is wired and still nothing I put my test light on the negative bat terminal and no power at switch or no power at starter side of solenoid either 

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It almost has to be a broken wire or bad terminal. Trace it one step at a time starting at the battery + terminal. Also make sure the negative has a good connection. :)

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With any electrical problem the first step is to clean and tighten all electrical connections, this will correct most of them.

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      12.6 volts in the battery and at the starter connection.
      10 volts on the gauge.
      Nothing when key is turned on.
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      I went out to use my 520H with blower this evening and it won't start.  I used this machine a few days ago (for the first time this winter).  The battery has been on a trickle charge so I don't think that's the problem.  It's done this before where it won't start, won't start, and then starts.  Usually that is in cold weather and after I've previously used it to blow snow.  I don't have a heated garage so I think it might have some ice somewhere that was introduced as water the last time I blew snow.
      Here's what it's currently doing.  When I turn the Ignition to 'On' the red warning lights and the dashs light all come on.  When I turn the key to start position I get a single 'Click' and nothing more.  I tried jumping it from a hot battery just to rule out a bad battery.  Same behavior.  Following some of the other threads about 520s with trouble starting, I pulled the blue wire off the starter solenoid.  If I run a jumper wire from the (+) side of the battery directly to the solenoid I get the same behavior (regardless of key being in on or off position)- small spark where my jumper wire is touching the battery terminal and a single click.  
      I'm unsure what this means about the solenoid and if that, in any way tests, the starter.  Could it be that my starter is bad/frozen?  I tried using a heat lamp to warm up that area, but in this weather (and my garage, which is really just a tarp shed) that just isn't going to work.  
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      Thoughts or or suggestions welcome!!!

      I have a 1994 Wheelhorse that won't turn over.

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