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Arthur England

312/8 clutch idler lubrication?

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Having recently become a member with a 520H I now have added a 312/8. From the model number I believe it to be a 1988 (E1-12K801) Bought sight un-seen other than photos so I am checking it out with no experience.

Transmission oil is a bit iffy in colour but probably not water contaminated. one axle oil seal is leaking and the transmission makes a bit of noise. Does the clutch idler tend to make a noise. I cant see any reference to lubrication in the manual (only the parts manual available from Toro for this model number) but checking on the user manual for model number 73363)

Did read a topic which referred to a heavy duty idler which could be this https://smallenginepartsdepot.com/heavy-duty_v-idler__toro_95-7668.html

Any info appreciated.

Cheers Arthur

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:WRS:               You should be able to buy a 4" idler with a 3/8" center hole and a small spacer collar for a lot less. Just take the old one so they can match it up.They are "permanently Lubricated.

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V-idler pulley - 4.000" OD - HD 52-4580 or 524580 replaced by WH 99-5678 or 995678 {$40.84} (Stens 280-362 HD  4.000" OD x .375" ID (1/4" offset) x 3/4" HT, Napa 7-05485 HD) HD picture

V-idler pulley - 4.000" OD - Std 7451 replaced by WH 95-7668 or 957668 {$16.20} (Stens 280-313 Std 4.000" OD x 13/64" wide x 3/8" ID)


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I have greased many idler pulleys, just pop out the grease seal on one side of the bearing then clean out with brake cleaner and blow dry.


Force grease in to the bearing with your fingers until bearing is well packed.


Install the grease seal and spin the bearing. It may not be just like new but it should be much better.



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