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Hi all I have a 612 Z  zero turn and my coil needs to be replaced I have a new one my question is I have three wires going to it two are black one is red but on the wiring diagram it says yellow so I would like to know if the to black wires go to earth and then red go’s to positive please let me know thanks 

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One of the black wires may have a yellow stripe.

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The engine is an Onan with magneto ignition?

I think you are looking at the wrong diagram - The 616-Z and 620-Z have yellow wires to battery ignition coil. The 612-Z has a white wire to the magneto ignition and a red wire going to the voltage regulator.

Click on the pictures below to get to the file descriptions.

1990 Wiring

1991 wiring

In case you did not know

The magneto ignition is self powered and the ignition wire simply grounds the ignition to shut it off. Do not allow any battery power into the ignition wire as that will burn up the coil.

Black wires are often ground wires but you should confirm that with an ohmmeter.

If this is a voltage regulator you are replacing do not ground the black wires - I suspect they come from the flywheel charging stator.



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