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It only took 35 yrs to buy..... what would you fill it with

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Mine is home made with a single bowl stainless steel sink sitting on top of a 15 gallon transmission oil can. I plumbed a kerosene furnace pump in to the side of the can  with a line up to the sink for washing. I use kerosen in it. Still works after 30+ years.


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Just as a side note, I use "Purple Power" degreaser I get from TSC stores, Napa, and many other retail markets...   It can be used full strength or watered down for light work.   I haven't tried it in my parts washer, which currently has mineral spirits in it... but for smaller jobs, I just spray it on oil and greasy tractors, engines, or anything... wait a bit and wash it off usually with a garden hose.  Takes grease, oil and dirt right off!   Great stuff.   Just my 2 cents.

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