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K-341 to Magnum 16 build

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Finally! This block and parts have been lying around for over 2 years. I had it cut .010 and the valves cut. The crank was balanced w David Kirk's kit and I own his last cheater cam. 


I had planned to do a hot rod k341. Ordered all the necessary hardware, Bosch coil, pointsaver, electric fuel pump. After a little research I found out how easy it should be to turn it into a Magnum. So

here we go. 




Started assembly last night  w a new governor gear. Opted to install the original cam, Kirks will be up for sale, got to the bearing plate and found out I need Magnum seals and shims. So we're in a holding pattern until the seals arrive later this week. 


Any tips or suggestions gladly accepted. 


Also so this blocks dipstick was in bottom

of the block. I have a cub cadet timing cover dip stick I plan on using. 






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16 hours ago, stevebo said:

What is the cam your selling?



Purchased from David Kirk 2-3 years ago. I was told then it was his last "Cheater" cam. 


Read his Kohler rebuild for more info 




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i actually just finished this same process last month. I have a walker mower that popped the magnum 16. The magnums 16s are like a unicorn to find, so I got a K341, bored it from age, and swapped it all over. Using some advice via gardentractor pulling tips, i didnt use the balancer gears because like he said, they explode and this is what did my magnum 16 in. I also had to cut down the block where oil pan mounted to make it a narrow base. All in all, it worked out well. 

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First and last time ordering from Parts tree! After a week I received an email stating they had part of my order. No thank you! 


Called I Save Tractors in Maine. I had factory Kohler Bearing Plate seals within 2 days. Guess where I’ll be ordering from now on? 


The crank, rod, and piston are all in. Decided to paint the oil pan so we’re in a holding pattern again. Amazing how 2 years of waiting hasn’t sped up my schedule in the least. 



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