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1992 520H Wiring

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I recently purchased a second 520H. It's a 1192, my other is a 1988.

Developed a tranny problem on the 1988 and needed to get back to snowblowing ASAP here in Michigan.

The 1992 I bought doesn't have a safety switch under the seat and the lights don't work.

I can see two wires clipped under the hood, one green and one black. I didn't know if the wiring on the 88 and the 92 were the same, so before digging in and possibly making things worse I was trying to find a wiring diagram for the 92. Not had any luck finding a diagram so far in my internet searches. I see them for the 1988, and in fact there are two wiring diagrams in the owners manual that came with the 1988. Does anyone know if the wiring on these two machines are identical? Anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for the 1192?


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The "Demystification Guide" right here on :rs:, in the manuals section, it covers every year/model download it and then find yours but I'm "thinking" '90-'97 were the same BTW here's the '95, Jeff.


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Thanks everybody. Since I was on here last I did figure out how to download 7 manuals from the toro website. I may have everything I need as far as manuals for now.

BTW - I fixed the no spark problem I had which was another reason to download the manuals. It was the Ignition module or "trigger" as I've heard them called. 

Not a fun, job but it's done.

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I don't know why Onan did not make the hole in the flywheel shroud a little bigger so the flywheel would just pull out  after removing the plastic cover.


Would make the module replacement job much easier.



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