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Pre-historic Wheel Horse

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I have been reading Straight from the Horse's Mouth, and that led me down a rabbit hole.  My grandparent's farm is a few miles away from the birthplace of Elmer Pond.  Elmer and his brother (founder of Speedex) worked at Shaw Manufacturing in a tiny Kansas town.  Among other things, Shaw made garden tractors, and I found one for sale.  As it turns out, the seller knows some of my family, and his late father was a great collector.  His father got a shaw tractor running and accumulated another frame and multiple engines.  $2500 is the asking price, but I don't think the value is really known.  It will go to auction if he doesn't sell it first.  Any ideas on value or desirability?  If anyone is interested, I would be happy to make an introduction.  I am only interested if it is almost free.

Here are some pictures of the collection for sale:


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Found a couple of nice Shaw tractors with impalement in the $ 2,000 range. Need to educate the seller. Considering the condition It would be very hard to justify more than a few hundred unless one of those engines is super rare.


For Sale: 1948 Shaw Duall Model R6, complete with sickle bar mower, cultivator and plow. All original and in excellant condition. Very good tires.
Owners letters from company, original advertising and business checks. Pictures available. Asking $3800 Located south eastern  Wyoming


This one is asking $ 2,000


shaw tractor | 1949 shaw du-all tractor - $2000 (piggott arkansas) in Missouri For ...

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