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Kohler 532 engine from Bolens Tractor

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Does anyone know if a Kohler 532, out of Bolens HT 20, would be pretty much a direct replacement onto a Wheel Horse D-180. 


  • the shaft size out both ends of the engine - any reason they would be different than what was used for the WH D-series?


  • Also looks like the coil is on opposite end of motor, but not sure why this couldn't be moved or used where it is.


Pictures of the bolens motor are attached.  Looks like some things are rearranged on the motor off the bolens


HT20 - 1.jpg

HT20 - 2.jpg

HT20 - 3.jpg

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The big difference that would be difficult to overcome would be the crankshaft ends. Find the spec number of the bolens motor and look up the crankshaft part number on the Kohler engine site.  The take that crank number and look here for dimensions.  EDIT: Bolens used 4 different Specs 53100 53102 53129 5338


My D200 has motor spec number 53105a  uses crank 277690-s (NLA surprise...not)  You can look it up in the crank manual and see how it compares to the bolens.


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Yeah, the crank will be the go/nogo factor - A while back I heard of a complete K532 for sale at $100 and I got all excited .... til I got there and immediately saw the crank wasnt gonna cross over, The guy thought it came from a gen set, prolly should have scarfed it up anyway!


But, if your crank should happen to be good, then ------- Even then if its a good price then parts are worth a bunch - they are getting scarce.

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That one appears to be a reverse flow fan system - the fan is set up off the pto side of the engine . Intake is routed opposite of a D's as well as the exhaust . May or may not be able to swap those parts for ones off a D as there is probably little change to the block itself - not sure on that though . The hydro coupling to the flywheel side of the engine is the most critical section and must have the correct flywheel as well . I'd keep that thing even it it won't fit - they are a very reliable series and notorious for their torque levels - not to mention pretty underrated power-wise . With it's layout - it would be a great for a belt driven generator , welder , pump , ect...



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