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1968 Kohler 8 hp muffler

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I would like to replace the muffler on my 1968 Kohler 8 hp engine. It is about 3/4" water pipe. Then, the muffler itself is about a five inch diameter. I am guessing that it is the original muffler. Any suggestions on a replacement? I would like to have it as quiet as possible. The old one is really rusty. I going to have to get some penetrating oil and a couple of pipe wrenches to get it off.


Thank you.


P.S. I really like the Christmas lights at the top of the page!! 🌲 🎅


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Those are a standard muffler that can be bought  almost any place. There not the quietest but there better then nothing. Here one for less then $10.00




You may have to add a reducer I'm not sure. Be very careful getting old one off you could break the side of engine . Sometimes cutting the old one off flush and cutting inside of whats left in engine is  better. There are other posts about trying to get old mufflers off.  If you cannot get the old one with WD40 after soaking it cutting it out is sometimes the only option.

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Those mufflers were original. They were loud and rusted easily. Be prepared to do a lot of soaking with penetrating oil (PB Blaster, etc) over a long period of time. Use a long handled pipe wrench for leverage. Sometimes a little heat and light tapping (be extra careful because the engine block is cast and brittle) from time-to-time along with penetrating oil helps. I have also used that can of stuff that freezes rusty parts as well. Mainly just patience!

Nelson mufflers are quiet (BTW: I have a older, used one that I can sell you.) . I have also added an 90-degree elbow to the pipe nipple and added an IH stack from Tractor Supply.

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