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This summer I put gear reduction steering and the swept front end out of a 520h into my C 195 and it worked awsome. But now my plow is hitting the tire. I'm going to build a extention to correct this. But I've done some research on here and I'm even more confused. I have seen extensions anywhere from 4-1/2" to 12" Does anyone know what the original extension kit length is ?

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I don't know what the original length of the extension is.

The wheelbase of the straight axle models is 45-1/2" and tread width is 38".

The HC model at the same time with the forward swept axle has a 47-1/2" wheelbase and a tread width of 40-1/2".

Allowance for the wider stance would require more clearance for when the wheels are turned.




Follow this thread for the 81640 extension dimensions

Or click on the picture below. Then on each picture and it will enlarge.


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