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70s c120 snow thrower

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I have a 70s c120 and i am wonder if anyone knows what models of snow throwers will work on it, it is all manual lift no hydrolics on mine

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55 minutes ago, Freeride16661 said:

models of snow throwers

That would be a good deal for you...350 to 400 mile round trip by interstate...won't get much better than that for where you live..and welcome to: :rs:

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Any of these will fit and are from 1973 and up. The first one may not have the side extensions that take it from 37" wide to 42".

66-6212 plus 6-9113, 6-6213, 6-6214, 6-6215, 66-42ST01

76-42ST01 replaced by 86-42ST01, 96-42ST01, 06-42ST01, 06-42ST02, 06-42ST03, 06-42ST04, 06-42ST05, 06-42ST06, 06-42ST07, 79360, 79362


Here is a manual so you can see all the parts involved. The lift tube and flag are often missing or I should say separated from the unit.


Not all models came with the lift assist spring. A tab was added to the side of the flag so the extension spring could be attached to assist in lifting the unit.



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