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Rear Bagger system

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I;m looking for some info on a rear bagger system , My question is would a twin bagger system from a 310-12 work on a 312-8 tractor without too many modifications understanding that the deck chute maybe different due to the size of the deck?

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Might not work as well unless you bring the deck along also. When you say bagger from 310-8 I assume you are talking about a non-power assisted system which then implies that you have a 37” SD. The 37” SD apparently was designed to throw further than other WH decks and so can fill the bags w/o power assistance, especially if equipped with the optional “high lift” right blade on the deck. 


Now if if you were using something other than the 37” deck on the 310-8 forget all of the above.


There is a bracket needed to mount the bag hanger. It is located behind the gas tank. 



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I don't own the 310-8 , only the 312-8 but have a 42" SD deck on the 312 tractor...found somebody selling a complete twin bagger from a 310-8 [ non- powered ] .I can't find a bagger system for a 312 .I really don't want to buy another tractor just for a bagger system to work if you know what I mean...Unless you or somebody knows where I can purchase one.


Thanks for the reply...

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