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Loss of power

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Hi, hoping someone can help.  I'm over in France trying to tidy up my place before the winter so do not have all the tools I have back at home.  I have a separate problem with the gear box but have posted separately.


Back in July when l last used the tractor it was loosing power when it got hot, and looking on the internet it appeared that the coil may be the problem.


i have just returned to France and brought a new coil with me and replaced the old one.  This coil has a separate ballast resistor attached.  The tractor started first go and I started to cut the grass but with gearbox problems.  The grass was long and thick in places and the tractor coped well, just heading the governor apply a bit more power in places.  Them after about half an hour the engine lost power and there were some visible flames commons ftom the exhaust.


can any one tell me what is happening here.  I assume that it is heat related because the engine started first go and then ran well.  But it must have been fully up to temperature long before this loss of power.  Seeing flames from the exhaust indicates that the fuel is not being burnt in the cylinder, is this an ignition problem? Or are the valve not shutting properly an the fuel is just being pushed straight out of the engine?


I'm sure it would look quite cool  after dark, but with no power the grass will keep growing.  Hop some one can help.


Thanks, Andrew

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Ed Kennell

Has the engine been decarboned ?   Does it ever keep running after the ignition is turned off? 

  Could be an early ignition  from hot carbon deposit.

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R. L. Addison

I do not know what engine you have, but if the de-carbon does not do it, I would check valve clearance, or depending on circumstances might do it as part of de-carbonization.

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13 hours ago, R. L. Addison said:

I do not know what engine you have...


Kohler K301, it's in the tags for this thread.

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