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jeff lary

New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

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Far north , yes . Northern Illinois/Iowa/Indiana - not so much . We can hit 100*F+ here in the summer with very high humidity - then a few months later be well below zero and high winds . Those extreme changes in temperature kill everything electrical and especially our roads . More and more newer cars are showing battery problems from the heat and high demand electronics they use plus the very high amp alternators they are equipped with to carry the loads . Years ago it was rare to see a stock 100amp alternator - now that's considered minor in size . My '14 pickup has a stock 180amp unit and a huge battery but it is equipped with all the extra engine/trans/oil coolers and associated fans for the tow package . Texas , Nevada and southern California heat ranges are notoriously hard on batteries - those areas it's best to stick with AGM type since a wet cell lead acid battery will not last longer than a few years at best .


My rant is directed towards the manufacturers - they are selling junk now at an inflated price and using very inferior materials . Find a 10-15yr old battery , dump it's acid out in a safe manner and compare it's internals to the modern replacement - no contest at all . One of our Off Road forums did a test on the known older brands that were good at the time and lasted far beyond anyone's expectations in comparison to the same brand/types of replacements available in the last couple years - the results when cut open were amazing . Super thin plates , very weak terminal lugs and the lead was noticeably a lower purity compared to units that were made just 10yrs ago. I can understand the added cost of an AGM , but the inflated prices of lead acid plate types is a ripoff , plain and simple . Eventually you won't be able to buy a lead acid battery - they are being slowly phased out of the market due to regulations . In the near future only AGM types will be available - be prepared for a much higher and costly market price as well .


Go look up the cost of a 22NF , those will break your wallet right in half .






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