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I've been told there is a snow blade available new for the 417A, is that right?

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I thought it was Wheelhorseman1000? (Lowell). Anyway I sent him an email about it and he didn't reply, so I thought you guys might know.


Is there a new snow blade that fits the 417A and if so where can I get it?


Thank you,


Ron Gubbins

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Virtually any blade for a long frame will mount right up. The only differences would be the angle adjustment lever but that's an easy fix. I believe what Lowell sells is the extension bracket for a 500 series that is needed for the swept forward front axle which the 417 doesn't need. :)

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hi sir, as stated above any long frame plow blade should hook up no problem. i bought a brand new, in the box plow for my son-in-laws C160. the new cable style angle system is junk in my opinion. i easily converted it back to the time tested original wheelhorse coat hanger system.  why toro put a cable down there for winter snow/ice operations is beyond me. just my two cents. good luck mike in mass.

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