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Electric Fuel Pump?

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I plan to take the rear rock shaft of the 416-8 and put it on the 312-8. while I have the rear pan off I think I'll put a elec fuel pump on the 312. I have both the Facet cube and a cylinder one, both are low pressure. Would like some pic of where you guys put them on your tractors, also exactly how you wired it. Richard are you out there? 

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51 minutes ago, clueless said:

Richard are you out there?

Yes I am, but I am visiting family in St Augustine, FL so I can't run out to the barn to take a picture. I just put one on the 418 C and used the round pump and mounted it to the bolt at the front of the foot rest. It was right in line with the fuel hose and close to the fuse holders on the other side. See photo below (not mine)

On the 312 your fuel line runs further forward so might move it forward as needed.


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