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Eaton 1100 Control Arm Removal??? HOW TO?

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I've tried a few pulley and gear removers but I'm not having luck. I know that you are not supposed knock on the shaft either. I tried heating it up a bit and it's still being a PIA... 


 And recommendations to remove it? I'd like to get it off tonight and replace the oil seal around to stop the leak. 



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LOTS of penetration fluid....Put the puller back on after a day or so of LOTS of penetrating oil. With the puller very snug, smack the puller bolt to jar the parts loose.

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Thanks for the reply!


Well I didn't smack the speed control shaft and didn't have to. 

I went out to two different autoparts stores and rented/ purchased a couple of tools. A Bolt driven tie rod puller and two sizes of pitman arm pullers.

I check to see which one would fit the best and the only one that fit was the larger pitman arm puller with a 1 5/16" opening. It was s snug fit but grabbed on. I shielded the fuel tank with some 16g sheet metal and heated the arm up for about 20-30 seconds between both sides. 

Sprayed some PB Blaster on it and let it sit for maybe 10 seconds. I Slipped the pitman arm puller on from the fuel tank side and had to work it in and then had to shift the control arm forward and then was able to wiggle the puller on enough to fully center the bolt and finger tightened it. Grabbed the wrench and started turning... It took about five 1/4 turns and when I let go and took a look.....

PING! Popped right off. 


You can see jut how dirty the top of the 1100 is from the leak and that's after wiping a bit of grime off. So glad I got the seals. Now to pull the seal off, clean up the shaft and get it cleaned up and put back together so I can finish my Snow Thrower Restore! ;)

 Well I hope this helps someone out when trying to figure out how to get this arm off. I'll put a link to the seal replacement thread that I have to update from the past winter. 



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Glad you were able to get it apart without injury or damage!

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