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Onan Carb

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Hi again everyone. Iam working on a D160 with a Onan. On the top of the carburetor where the air cleaner cover attaches there are four holes 3 are for the screws for the cover then what is the 4th one for. My problem is gas is coming out of it and starts to flood the engine out. Please help. I have pictures but dont know how to get them attached here on RS. Thank you in advance.

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the fourth hole is the carb vent.

you most likely have a bad float ( composite ) and or a bad needle and seat.


this should be a marvel shebler carb. ( # on the back of the carb, or on a tag on the front  11 up to 16 )


651 437 2826 M-F 10-7  S-S 12-6 cent time.


thank you. boomer ( the used onan engine parts guy, also NOS and new )

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Boomer, I am fixing up a D-160 I just got.  Its a 1976 with an Onan 16hp and looks like it should have had the DD11/12/13 carb on it (whichever had the attached fuel pump).  But a previous owner, for reasons unknown to me, replaced it with a carb I have never seen before and added an electric fuel pump.    Well, that worked for a bit, I guess, but its not working now.   I want to go back to whatever was original on this.   I have the body of a DD carb (I think its a DD11) and no fuel pump.    I also see the vacuum line has been cut short and a screw put in it.   

Questions:   What carb set up came with this particular year and model?

                     Do you sell those things I would need to rebuild this and get it back to operation?

                     Do you sell any hats with the WH logo?  (sorry, off topic, but I had to ask) 

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