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I have a d200 that has one brake peddle and it does nothing. I was told it was a parking brake and I was better off leaving it that way since if something on the inside broke it could mess up my transmission, The linkage is connected but I haven't a clue as to why it isn't doing something. But taking it one more step I saw where the d200 also came out with a dual brake sys. and would like to know if I could economically convert mine and a recommended site as to where to get the needed parts.P.S. This is a working tractor that is in use. Not a show tractor. I would at some point be interested in putting a loader on it as well. Please for conveyance if you don't mind send me a response by e-mail jrrmcpk9@gmail.com 

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@jerrye :text-welcomeconfetti: to :rs:


The peddle on the left side will (when adjusted properly) move the motion control lever (and hydro) into a neutral position when applied, thus a "brake" stopping the tractor. I have a D-200 and have not used the parking brake....You apply the peddle and a lever to lock the transmission into a "park" position. Apparently these have a tendency to not release and break parts inside the transmission/rear-end.


Using the peddle alone should not cause any damage to the transmission.

There was a member on Red Square that had D parts and the "turning" brake parts for sale, but I do not remember who that was...maybe someone else can help.


Loaders are out there for sale, and show up once in a while, but be prepared to pay dearly for a really nice one, or do a lot of work on a not so nice one!

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