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06-42st05 Snow Thrower Restore Started...

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Just compare the listed solvents and warnings between the two - then look up how they interact . Some get along being applied over existing paint - some don't . It's still somewhat of a hit and miss but the trick is curing times and conditions . Most times if I question whether it will work or not I just paint a piece of scrap , let it cure per instructions and then try the next coating type...then wait a couple of days to see what it does and how well the coatings perform . It does result in having incompatible extra cans/quarts of paint/clear but at least you don't ruin a lot of hard work on a paint job . Easiest way is to stick with the same brand and type of coating by far - cheaper in the long run too .



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Thats what I had planned except using it on a small part.

Rustoleum does make a 2 part epoxy in the regal red but it's almost $100 for the 1 Gallon of Paint and the same for the hardener. 

 Be nice if I could get it put in a can. I may have to get a spray gun system. 

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Finally got the refund on 2 of the 3 cans NOT shipped from the first order and got the second order from another retail in the mail.... 



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So I decided to go up to my trusty gem in the rough overstock store... They are like a harbor freight but they have quality stuff. 

Not bad for $6 huh...?

These are really going to make the restore shine. ;) 


I quickly restored my dozer blade overnight as I put a real beating on it this summer after restoring it this past winter. After sanding down the scuffs on the bottom and front of the blade I hit it with Rustoleum Self-etching, Regal Red and then 2 coats of Spraymax 2K Satin clear coat... 

 I also hit all the red parts except the auger with 3 coats of Spraymax 2K Semi Matte... pictures to come. Will start assembly tomorrow.

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Long over due update...

 Took some time and put another finish on the dozer blade restore fro last winter after putting a beating on it this summer. I used the Spraymax 2 part clear coat and it did wonderfully. Hoping it will protect the dozer and frame over the winter.



Finally got this project almost finished. The Last step is a motorize chute mod that has parts on the way. (Thanks Craig for the help!)

New bearings... 



Post clear coat... 


All parts received a clear coat with the spraymax after curing and getting a once over with some scuffing pad...

 I used grade 5 nuts and bolts along with some blue thread locker on all nuts except the auger bearing lock nuts and the scraper bar lock nuts.


Once I fitted the #40 chain (51 links long) I ended up trimming 2 levels of thread off of each of these three carriage bolts for ample clearance. 



I felt that the contrast between the black red and shiny bolts and nuts would look pretty decent. 


Inside shot... New spring.... Much tighter than the old one. In so much that I have to really crank on it to get it up past the axle when mounting. smh. 

 Painted the shaft as well as the drive sprocket and flanges to match the pulley's, auger bearing plates and scraper bar. 


I have to give a shout out to @Sarge for recommending the navel jelly that did a fine job and removing the rust that I couldn't get to up in these corners as well as on the auger. Thanks fella! ;) 

It turned pretty nice in comparison. 


New modded chute with side guides... Excited to see how this works!


The old scraper bar was 3/16" x 2" x 34.5" long... it was recommended to go with some hi-carbon steel but I couldn't wait the length of time that it would take to get it. not to mention the price at the local steel distributor. This piece of 48" cold rolled I got from them was $11 and is 1/4" x 2"... Worked out great. And for the price and minimal time it took to drill,paint and mount, I figured that it'd be a decent way to go. 


Auger mounted along with the new idler pulley's... 

All lined up nice and pretty. 


A video if you want to watch a little bit on nonsense and talk about the experience. ;) I won't be offended if you don't. lol

Finishing touches and lift bar... The finish won't hold up in this area. That's inevitable with the amount of pressure exerted here... :( 


Another video if you are interested in the progress. ha ha...

 CHEESE.... ;) 

All buttoned up and the excellent reman of the decals! THANKS to REDOYOURHORSE.COM!!!!

 They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!


All mounted up and ready for winter. I hope I can fit Matt's pedal on without having to remove the thrower! lol- I got excited... I know, I know... smh. 



Regardless of what it looks like in the photo, it's the angle.. It doesn't touch. 



Last video of a quick walk around...... 

That's it... On to the next task.... 

 Time for snow mobile updates and a new paint scheme.... 

 I know... I have a problem!? I

 I..... CAN'T........ STOOOOOP......... ;) 

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Naval Jelly is still in high use today on ship work - the most forgotten rust remover and I use it here to etch test cuts on weld penetration when doing critical structural work . Oven cleaner will work a bit faster - but those fumes aren't exactly good for humans ...



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I really like the stuff! Thanks for the tip off!

Here is a photo of the Snow thrower when I initially got it. 


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Got my motor in today. Going to be setting up the motorized chute soon. No more wire hassle. 


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