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12 horse short frame?

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Thinking about putting a K301 in a short frame such as a 606. Curious if anyone has tried this! Will it fit?

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You’ll need a short oil pan, fill some spaces on the bottom of a big base block, cut the oil dipper down. 


This will help: 




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Look up on YouTube "Vinsrj" and he has a video series of putting a magnum 12 in a short frame 857. Goes through all the engine mods over several videos. He does a good job!

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Speeling 😁
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2 hours ago, 19richie66 said:

Look up on YouTube "Vinsrj" and he has a cideo series of putting a magnum 12 in a short frame 857. Goes through all the engine mods over several videos. He does a good job!

That's awesome! I'll have to check it out 

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    • By hunterguy92
      Well as normal, fix one problem and find another. My C-120 with 12hp K-301 has been running very smoothly. I rebuilt and tuned the carb a few months back. Yesterday I made a trip from the garage to the backyard (2 minutes) and got off the tractor and let it idle at mid-throttle. After about 30 seconds all of a sudden it started sputtering out, puffing black and I struggled to keep it running. Finally it died and would not restart.
      I took the air filter off and it was wet with fuel. Trying to start it again, it would sputter and spit fuel out of the carb but not stay running. So naturally I took the carb off (it was clean) and gave it another good cleaning anyway. Float is good when shaking it. Reassembled and put back on the tractor but it still isn’t running right. It will start up after leaving it sit for a while (but rough) and after only running for a few minutes it will sputter, die and not restart. 
      I checked right after it died and and there was spark. Took the fuel line off the carb and it seems to be pumping fine.
      What do you guys think? Points and condenser? Coil? Stuck valves?
      i really don’t think it’s the carb unless I somehow installed the needle or seat wrong. Super strange that it has been running like a top, starting on second crank and all of a sudden struggles and won’t start.
      I’m pretty stumped here, so I thank you for your help!
    • By RJ Hamner
      Let me first say that it ran when I brought it home.  Drove it around the guys yard, tried out the mower, drove it onto the trailer and drove it off the trailer and into the garage.
      I've done a "ground up" restore on the tractor (70 Charger 12).  Swapped out the breakerless for a battery ignition and swapped out the 10 amp for a 15 amp stator, flywheel and regulator.
      Pulled the head, looked pretty good, new head gasket and head bolts.new fuel pump, fuel lines,new switches and wiring, new aftermarket carb, new coil, coil wire, new points, new throttle and choke cables.
      Static timed (twice just to make sure) Have tried Autolite 216's and the hotter 437's. changed the condenser to the high dollar Kohler one.
      It will idle but when I give it some throttle it stumbles or will rev up a little then quits.
      I've gone thru the "trouble shooting " steps multiple time and to no avail
      Anyone got any ideas??  I am willing to try most anything at this point
    • By The Gman
      Help time please....
      The k301 for my c120 (bought the tractor literally in pieces but all there I think???? ) is missing the fuel pump. I've check the engine out with the ol  intravenous method and its . Ebay will sell you one for anywhere from $20 - $160. I know you get what you pay for but....... really?????
      Isave tractors has one in the $50 range. Any experience with the plethora  (is that really a word??) of 301 pumps out there?
    • By andrewLL
      Hi, hoping someone can help.  I'm over in France trying to tidy up my place before the winter so do not have all the tools I have back at home.  I have a separate problem with the gear box but have posted separately.
      Back in July when l last used the tractor it was loosing power when it got hot, and looking on the internet it appeared that the coil may be the problem.
      i have just returned to France and brought a new coil with me and replaced the old one.  This coil has a separate ballast resistor attached.  The tractor started first go and I started to cut the grass but with gearbox problems.  The grass was long and thick in places and the tractor coped well, just heading the governor apply a bit more power in places.  Them after about half an hour the engine lost power and there were some visible flames commons ftom the exhaust.
      can any one tell me what is happening here.  I assume that it is heat related because the engine started first go and then ran well.  But it must have been fully up to temperature long before this loss of power.  Seeing flames from the exhaust indicates that the fuel is not being burnt in the cylinder, is this an ignition problem? Or are the valve not shutting properly an the fuel is just being pushed straight out of the engine?
      I'm sure it would look quite cool  after dark, but with no power the grass will keep growing.  Hop some one can help.
      Thanks, Andrew
    • By PAguy
      This weekend I had an issue where my pivot pins retaining ring came off without my noticing and placed pressure on the front bar that's welded to the frame and bolts the hood and front hitch down. 
      I can easily replace the pivot pin but am wondering about how difficult it is to weld this bar back on. The farmer down the road from me is able to weld it but was hoping maybe someone could share how they accomplished this given the tight space. This afternoon once its warmed up I intend to clean up the area well and take the front axel off to prep for the welding so that won't be an issue. 
      Photo attached