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T-Series?? B80 in white w/electric lift... "White Unicorn"?

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Hey Guys, any help with ID or info on this possibly rare bird? It appears to be the original paint but idk for sure. Alo, a B series with electric lift rather rare I think HUH?

WH white Unicorn.jpg

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It's a 74 or 75 and not likely the original paint. There appears to be white paint on some wiring and the choke cable. The electric lift was a pretty common add on. I had one like that but didn't care for the foot rest being moved out to clear it. But it's interesting.:)

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Yes, good eye-paint on the cables-I missed that good job Racinbob!!


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I agree with Bob on this one. I think it's a repaint. There have been many threads on different factory applied color. Red was what Wheel Horse painted their tractors, and if a multi machine purchaser like a municipality wanted their tractors painted a different color, it was usually done at the dealer level.

Just my :twocents-02cents: worth.

Nice B-80 anyway.

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