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I do not remember how long I have been making the Dash decals but have always wanted to make them easier to line up and get a better installation.

The problem spot is the dreaded rib in the center of the dash plate. It is difficult to get the thick decal to stay down in the grooves below and above the rib.

3m makes an adhesive primer called primer 94 available on line in pens or 8 oz. cans like the one pictured below. I bought a pen from a vinyl supplier but the 8 oz. can

is actually less expensive and you can use a small artists brush to lay a thin coat in the grooves of the metal plate before applying your decal.

Make sure you seal the can up immediately after use so it will be ready for your next project.

3m primer 94 can be applied to a painted surface.


This will bond with the adhesive on the back of the decal and will make the decal stay down in the grooves much better and quicker.

I made the decals a little larger than the plates to allow for a razor trim of the edges for a clean edge and easier alignment but it is still difficult to get the decal in place

so the lettering is straight. I have changed the design of the decals contour cut so the bottom of the decal and the left bottom edge can be positioned

exactly with the edge of the dash plate. There will still be a small over hang on the top left, top edge and right side of the dash plate to trim after application and

of course use a new sharp exacto blade (#11) to trim out the ignition, lighter, bolt and choke holes before reinstalling your dash.

 Here are a couple pics with more to follow trying to illustrate. I am no writer so pictures may help me better explain my process. 


 That is all I have for now but I will post more images of the process soon.

As you can see my dash plate is not super smooth and could use some attention and a paint job but it will work fine for this post






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:banana-jumprope:Thanks Terry for your great products and knowledge! :banana-linedance:

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Applying adhesive primer using the too expensive but convenient tool from image one impact .com



In this example I chose to use an imperfect piece of wrap vinyl because i am trying not to waste as much vinyl this year. LOL

This will work with the brushed chrome thicker decals also.

Line up the left edge and bottom of the decal with the left edge and bottom of your plate.



Use a plastic squeegie  to press the graphic into the bottom groove and use your thumb to rub the vinyl down over the rib then squeegie again down into the top groove

and then finish appling the top portion which should lay down nicely using a back and forth motion with only your thumb to prevent scratching the laminate.

The Brushed Chrome decals are thick and imperfections in the plate will not show through as easily as with the wrap vinyl.

But of course the better you prep ypur dash plate the better the install.



When finished with the install just turn it over and trim off the excess vinyl.



Now you of course need to trim out all the holes and your ready to reinstall your dash.

Use care when tightening your dash bolts to prevent twisting the decal. thin rubber or felt washers 

can help here. Just snug and the washers will stop the dash from rattling.




Time to head to the lake for supper now and a little bass fishing before dark.

Back home in the morning to start working on more fun stuff for the show.


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