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New to this... Some advice please

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Hi all

Ok so I'm building a hot rod style raider 14 pretty standard engine at the minute. I'm based in UK and i want to do something more than just showing my tractor once it's done. I don't really want to do circuit racing with it and always been a fan of tractor pulling since i was kid


We do have small ride on tractor pulling over here and wondered if you guys could give me some advice

As I'm doing an overhaul of the engine what's the thoughts on 14 up kolhers? What is the general power upgrades i can do while rebuilding the engine. 

I will be showing tractor as well so i understand that different wheels and tyres will be used so basically I'm after an introduction to pulling do's and don'ts

While building my project.

Wouldn't mind doing some drag style racing with it to so best setups for different things

Thanks in advance


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Give this site a read. There are a lot of good tips on engine building and set up.



Oh yea, always remember that ( HP = $ ) It's fun to participate, but expensive to compete.

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42 minutes ago, jellyghost said:

What is that monster in your profile pic!?

I think that was built by Horse feathers, He had it at the big show a few years ago...

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