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Red Devil

How do I sell stuff on here?

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Red Devil

I have a wheelhorse snowblower attachment I want to sell for like 100.00 but idk halow to put it in the classifieds?

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Click the "Classified" tab up top of the page. It's right below the A in the RED SQUARE name.


Scroll down to "Wheel Horse For Sale and click that

Towards the upper right you will see a button " Add New Classified" and go from there

ALWAYS a good idea to put your location in the wording of the ad too. Makes it SO much easier!

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If using a phone, you need to scroll way down the page to find the "add new classified" button.

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    • Jayzauto
      By Jayzauto
      Toro - WheelHorse SnowBlower fits “XT” Models.  Model 79483 Serial 240000164. In great shape, has high chute, wide kit installed and has belt.  Skids show little to no wear, so I’m guessing not used much.  SnowBlower only.  No mule drive or lifting hardware.  

    • mmmmmdonuts
      By mmmmmdonuts
      Tall Chute single stage snowblower. Has worm drive chute control. Has lift rod as well. Chute is currently detected for storage. 

    • jebeli
      By jebeli
      Lets make a deal. The whole collection for $3000 or one tractor and half the items listed below for $1500. 
      I am moving to town so am willing to do a partial trade for a wheelhorse more approproiate for a suburban lot- lawn ranger, surburban models, bcs walking tractor, other?
      I could possibly deliver or meet half-way or ship.
      Both tractors run great and are in good working order. Second owner of both machines. I work with these machines everyday so they are not perfect but are, in my opinion, in excellent shape.
      42in high-shoot snow blower
      42 in rear discharge deck
      Snow blade
      Front mount deck hanger with 42in side discharge deck
      30in lawn seeder
      Brinly single bottom plow with cleavis or sleeve hitch
      50in grader blade
      Extra transmission
      36in rear tiller - leaks a little
      Full set of tire chains for each tractor
      Various body pieces
      7.5 cubic ft pull behind cart - may need tires
      Extra set of rims
      All required belts, pullys, brackets, manuals, too much to list. 

    • 83mercedes
      By 83mercedes
      i am going to be getting a 518h with a snow blower as i am new to having a snow blower one thing i noticed was that the chains have a fair amount of play how much is to much ,and would like  a service manual or a manual that would give me these facts,thanks
    • Christof421
      By Christof421
      Hello, I recently purchased a single stage snowblower attachment for my C-121.  Currently going through my first storm with it.   Made some passes down the driveway and blower was blowing a bit of snow backwards under the tractor.   Snow is very fine and light snow.   Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has suggestions on remidies.  
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