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Thumb screws for hood 1345, 1346

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These are the knurled thumb screws that are used to mount the hoods on the early 60s wheel horse tractors. The part number 1346 is the longer screw that was used to mount the hood at the front of the tractor to the frame. The part number 1345 was used to mount the hood to the fuel tank. On the 953 and 1054 there was 4 of the part number 1345 used to mount the hood. I have these for sale they are made of Stainless Steel they will not rust and they will not seize in the aluminum fuel tank. I am selling them individually for $8.50. A set of 3 screws for $20.00 , 2 of part number 1345 the shorter one and 1 of 1346 the longer one for the round hood tractors. A set of 4 screws for $25.00, these are 4 of part number 1346 the shorter ones for the 953 and 1054. If you would like to order these email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or you can call me at 1-717-821-2542. I will need your full name and address for shipping thank you. The cost of shipping is $3 in the us. I can ship internationally also. 








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Very nice!


Have you considered turning down a short "starter nub" section at the tip to help align the panels and keep the thread start clean? LIke a dog point but shorter. Thoughts?



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