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Keith of kent

Raider 12 exhaust

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Hi all,

not a new member on here by any means but I need an answer from UK based members please.

My 1973 Raider 12 needs a new exhaust muffler, it has the one that bends down and exits horizontally. It's rusted and leaks. I have an intermittent problem with the carb float needle sticking and fuel leaks over the exhaust pipe. I'm sure I can fix this but it would be better if the exhaust pipe went upwards, stack style, away from any leaking fuel. Also wouldn't need removing when access to the contact points is required.

So what UK car exhaust do I need to buy. Obviously can cut it down with angle grinder etc if needed. Obviously a Toro muffler would be great but the cost of getting one  from the States is prohibitive and unnecessary.

The machine is a worker not a showpiece so don't need a fancy chrome one and it lives inside so no top flap needed

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You may find a motorcycle silencer that fits at an autojumble/car boot.

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