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C160 auto spool valve

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Does anyone know who manufactured the spool valve for a 1975 model c160?  In my research all I can find is OMCO. Yet I find nothing on the interweb about it. I need one more valve to put together a two valve stack assembly. Thanks!



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Sorry I don't have any info to add, but I'm following your work on this as I plan to do the same in the future.

Please post any replacement information on any seals and O-rings you replace.  Thanks!

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I have EXACTLY the spool valve as shown in your pic.  I also have BOTH of the correct HANDLES and KNOBS for your application.

If you want them, send me an OFF-FORUM email so I can quote you price and send pics....

I am:



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    • ebinmaine
      By ebinmaine
      A HUGE thank you to Tony @Docwheelhorse for settin' me up here.
      The generosity of some of our members never ceases to amaze me.
      This here is another 1974 C160, but with the rare Tecumseh HH/OH160 OHV engine. Made one year only.
      It's rough. Very much in need of a full disassembly and restoration.
      When it came here it was missing one tie rod and the other was broken off one end.
      Today I popped used tie rods on and Trina used her 867 to drag it from the drive to the shed.
      The engine wouldn't move.
      Tin was near chock full of skeletal mouseseses and their house.
      Cleaned that out and the engine spins freely now.
      So progress has been made.
      It'll be a good long while before we get to this one but I just couldn't turn it down considering the rarity.

    • Brian33
      By Brian33
      I am hoping someone can help my. I recently acquired a c160 for the engine for another tractor. So I did a motor swap and wanted to see what the hydro was like. I put a plow on it C-160 (which now has a 12hp engine on it). I did a quick test run and everything was good. I drained the fluid and change the filter (Napa 1410 filter and sae 30 transmission fluid as it stated to only use this fluid on the tractor.) everything was working great after the fluid change. I plowed two driveways and the sidewalks near my house... all the sudden the tractor would not go forwards or in reverse. I tried to pick the plow up and nothing... I checked my drive belt it was turning like it should. I started to push the tractor and the rear was engaged so it would not move. Of course I was 400’ from my driveway and the plow was down which made it fun. I put the tractor in forward and started to push it and the thing took off. So I hopped on and took it to the front of the garage. I put it in revers and it cut out again so I pushed it in the garage. Today I went out to check the tow valve. I took it out and cleaned the threads up put it back in and it did not change anything. According to the dipstick I have the proper amount of fluid in it. I did have a drip that I fixed on the cylinder still nothing... does anyone out there have any tips to help me out? I’ve never had a transmission like this only manual transmissions. The model of this transmission is the sundstrand 90-1140.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • ebinmaine
      By ebinmaine
      I don't have pictures yet but I can get some later. I know that will be helpful but I forgot to take them last night.
      So here's what I know.
      When I bought my c-160 last year it came with a plow. It was delivered to my house and the plow was not mounted on it. I never saw this particular plow on that particular tractor.
      The plow I have is 42 inches wide and has a full frame as most of them do.
      The angle lever has the Z shape to it, NOT a straight stick of metal, and also bends slightly back towards the operator.
      When I am pulling the angle lever towards me to change the angle of the plow it contacts the brake lever.
      Any thoughts?
    • ebinmaine
      By ebinmaine
      I have at least 7 hubs on different tractors that I would like to add a second set screw to.
      I have an older but good quality floor model drill press.
      I have the tap set.
      I don't recall ever using the tap set to do anything other than clean out threads. Not make my own thread set.
      Can anybody give any particular advice?
    • ebinmaine
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