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Lawn Mower Storage Mistakes Exposed!
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Lawn Mower Storage Mistakes Exposed!

Do you want your mower to start back up after several months in hibernation? Then properly preparing it for winter storage is crucial.

Mistake #1: Not Draining Old Fuel
Get that gas out! Drain the tank & fuel bowl, so the gas won't deteriorate, gum-up, and damage the fuel system & carburetor.

See more Storage Mistakes to Avoid »
Fuel Stabilizers
Oil/Fuel Extractor
Storage Covers
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This is a free monthly newsletter, with very timely suggestions  (just click: 'Storage Mistakes to Avoid >>'  to open the entire newsletter), it is full of informative and interesting articles each month, almost like a magazine.  If you have ordered from Jacks in the past, you may already be getting it, otherwise, just eMail and ask to be put on their mailing, you will only get this newsletter, no other junk mailings.  Their forum responses are also very interesting, I'm always getting lots of new ideas from this.



This is a really great newsletter, for all brands, great timely tips & suggestions, plus viewers comments –– not a heavy 'buy our products' thing; you may already get it if you have ordered from them, or just contact and ask to be added.  Their site is packed with ideas & info.

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Thanks Glen. I am very bad about taking care of my push mowers. But I still seem to get 10-12 years out of them. I do use non-ethanol fuel though. Motors hold up but the decks go.My fault for sure as I dont clean them much.

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Glen, I merged your duplicate post into this one to keep it all together.


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I like the info Glen. Straight to the point. Gas goes bad over time so get it out!

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Thank you for the info Glen. I tend to not give my push mower the same TLC as the Wheel Horses

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I get Jack's news letters also. They are very informative.     :thumbs2:

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