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Deer Food Plot

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So I got this acre or so of fallow land right out my back door. Mostly very sandy loam here and since I got the the 520 with a 48 " deck I just started mowing it this year to cut down on the tumble weeds that came off it every year. Evicted alot of weed hoppers when I started mowing!  Getting a nice crust of topsoil from the mowing but underneath it's well drained sand. Stayed green this year because of the nice rains we had but some yars it can get bone dry.

Thinking about having a plow day with some fellow RS WH GT plowing fruitcake addicts and putting in a deer plot. Questions abound tho for all that have ever done deer food plots. What is the best type of seed for this type of soil? Some type of rye or winter wheat perhaps or some commercial deer plot seed? Ideally I would like to plow this fall then disc drag & plant for spring growth or should I just turn it over and disc, drag & plant in the spring? What I know about farming would fit right in a thimble along side my knowlege of plowing & horses. so any advice is appreciated!



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Wow! Looks like a great building sight for a 60 X 100 metal building! Just think how many more :wh:'s you would need to buy to fill that baby up! 

You could call it your tractor party palace and host  :rs:get togethers and make a fortune off concessions and beer sales and also have plenty of room for a deer food plot.   This time of year a building that size normally 25,000 dollars is on sale for only 18,000 measly dollars........


Or on my budget I would just plant the deer food plot and use the commercial deer plot seed blend and be happy with the building I already have.....:beer:

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plant winter rye, oats, field peas, daikon radish and a clover mix in early sept. take a soil test and lime fertilize to test. deer love this mix !!!!!!

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I second the notion to have a soil test and know what your soils pH is before liming and/or fertilizing.   The pH will be your best determination of those needs. 


For many years I purchased and mixed my own food plot seeds:  Harry Vetch, Winter Rye, Crimson Clover, Field Peas, Purple Top Turnips & whatever variety Mustard Greens was available.


The past couple of years finding the crop seeds I wanted has became so difficult, I have resorted to purchasing prepackaged seeds.  But I usually look for the packages with the greatest number of perennials listed.  You might wish to check with your neighbors or fellow hunters to see what seeds they use in their food plots, or the brand of commercially packages seeds they use. 


I usually turn the soil and then till, before planting.  Leave a four to five foot strip of undisturbed soil which is not planted all the way around your food plot and between it and the timber line.   


Good luck during the coming season.

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