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Seat Safety Switch Location

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I have a 1992 310-8. Yesterday the engine started dying when I engaged the PTO (mowing) . I finished mower with my pusher. Don't want to  do that again!


Anyway I am trying to troubleshoot and understand I can 'jump' the seat safety switch to diagnose (only). Where is the switch or the plug located? What size wire do I need? If the seat switch is ok, can I do the same with the PTO switch? 


BTW, the belt moves the mower by hand when the mower is off 

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Here is your wiring. Each circuit has its own diagram.

The weight of the operator in the seat is what activates the switch. If it is the push button type the button should be on the rear fender pan under the seat so the seat can contact it. The wire feeding the switch shows as being white. It should have power in it with the ignition key in the RUN position. Motor does not need to be running. Closing the switch should pass power to the other wire on the seat switch which goes to a relay probably located below the battery. You should hear or feel the relay close when the seat switch is activated.

Not a heavy load so a wire as small as 18 gauge would serve as a jumper to connect the two seat wires.


Let us know what you find.



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For diagnosing purposes, separate seat switch from the rest of the wiring harness by taking apart the inline connector under the seat.  Put a paperclip into the two female terminals.  If the problem goes away  you know it is a seat switch.  Some seat switches use a pushbutton, others use switches that clip into the seat.  The latter are not so reliable.

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Thanks for the help.  Wiring De-Mysticification is right!!! It is fixed now.


Troubleshooting led to jumping seat switch and that wasn't the issue. I  followed wiring diagram and it indicated that a wire from the PTO to the ignition switch. My ignition switch was pulled out a little from the wiring harness. It was a simple loose connection. Of course it took me five hours to find it, but that's another story. 



Fixed. Done. On to the next thing.



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