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Steering Wheel Question

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Can This be fixed? I was wondering if there was some way to heat up the plastic and melting it back together.



Oh, Any of you guys know if this dealer is still in place?


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Regaurdless if that can be fixed or not. Those steering wheels were notorious for getting week and flattening out so to speak. A lot of them would hit the hood latch when you either tried to open the hood or turn the wheel.

Or I've seen a few that the outer main steering wheel will wiggle right where yours is broke. I was patient and found one on ebay. Other models in the 60's also had that 2 spoke wheel. I bought one from an 8xx series.

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I am not sure if yours has metal under the plastic to reinforce it. Here is what I did to one I am restoring for a 59RJ. Something real heavy must have fallen on it and it was totally bent with the "plastic" cover broken with pieces actually missing out of it. The epoxy I used is available at Home Depot. This stuff will adhere to anything and becomes actually stronger than the materials used on. Once cured it can be shaped and finished over. I have used for many years in many applications some under extreme conditions such as in a damaged exhaust port without having it fail yet.

I am not sure how it will stand up in your situation if there is no metal within the steering wheel, but it may be worth a try.








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