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518xi Engine Removal for cleaning

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So, out of the blue on Sunday, i decided to yank the engine out of the 518xi, to clean behind the engine covers.
I'll gladly write up a how to. It wasn't very difficult. I'd guess i spent maybe 4 hours, taking my time, including a few short breaks.


The engine runs a bit hot when mowing, during the summer. The gauge will pass the half way point, and goes to about 3/4, when mowing. At this point, i usually would take a break and let it cool down a bit, before continuing. So, the engine cleaning was on my list before the summer.


Anyway, i was pretty disappointed to find it pretty clean. There was only one spot with a bunch of gunk, and that was behind the starter. I used my blow gun (compressor) to blow into that spot, and got some chunks of what might have been a mouse nest. Otherwise, the engine was pretty clean. I removed the fan, and cleaned the fins. They had dirt build up, but not too bad.


So, why is the engine heating up?

Here's how i did it.

1. remove side panels and hood. The hood is 2 bolts (the ones that hinge). Just remove the connectors for the headlights first. Remove the 2 side panels and the 2 bars running across the top of the engine. 3 bolts each. Easy.

2. Remove the battery. You can probably do it with the battery in, but i had to disconnect it, and that meant undoing the mount. So i yanked it.

3. Disconnect the wiring. There are a few harnesses on the right side, and a few on the left. Mark everything, and remove it. It's very easy.

4. Disconnect the fuel line. Don't get fuel in your eye, like I did.

5. Disconnect the throttle and choke cables from the engine. Mark where they were, if they are currently adjusted correctly.

6. Unbolt the driveshaft from the engine. This is the flex disk. 2 Bolts. Pretty easy.

7. Remove the 4 engine bolts. This is the hardest part. The front 2 are up above the front axle pivot. So, it means short turns of a wrench. Easy, but a pain.

8. Check everything. Make sure the engine is loose, and that all connections are free.

9. Pull it. I used my backhoe. It's not that heavy, but it's much heavier and more cumbersome that you can't pull it off yourself. Even a very strong guy would have trouble wiggling it out without damaging things.

10. The engine panels come off with some small bolts. To do it, you have to pull off the crank pulley (not sure what you call it, it's not a pulley). 2 set screws, and tap it off. Then unbolt the engine fan. Then the front cover comes off for cleaning.


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I went through and did the same to my 522xi and didn't find much either but it gave me peice of mind knowing it was clean. As for it running more towards the hot side of the gage I think the gages are not the most accurate on the xi's and the engines are air cooled so they do run a bit hotter than a liquid cooled engine.

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good question and good reply. thanks fellas.



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