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Another Horse for the Stable

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i bought my first and only new wheel horse in the fall of 99, a 314-8 with a 42" rear discharge deck. i worked it for a number of years and racked up a little over 300 hrs on it before i retired it several years ago now. i used it year around to mow, plow snow,rototill. not sure if i ever had a blower on it or not but i don't think so, always had another tractor for the blower.  the 314 sipped gas and always had enough power for all the jobs i through at it. before i retired it i had upgraded to a 48" deck. 

looks like you got a real nice one there and with only 215 hrs you should get a lot more years of service out of it and it will use a lot less gas then the sk482 so good luck with your new horse




eric j

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Looks like you were in the right :wh: place...

at the right :wh: time. :handgestures-thumbupright:   Nice score. 

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Why would anyone  trade in a a perfectly good   :wh:  with only 215 hours on it.........:rolleyes:

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I asked the same question, two issues, mower wasn't big enough for his property and he didn' t like the way the 42" RD mowed.

I'll take a chance on that :-)

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    • davem1111
      By davem1111
      This started out as mostly a "can we do it?" project, but I believe that some of you here might be interested in buying some of these.  My daughter's boyfriend is an engineering student and has a 3-D printer.  He modeled the bezel shape, and we did a few test runs which I tried out on several tractors here.  These are NOT NOS, but I bought a pair of those a while back for $40 plus shipping and was not happy about spending that much. And, I like this new plastic quality better.  I think the NOS bezels were so old they had warped some anyway.  The texture is "line-y" or striated, but they could probably be sanded and painted with a good plastic paint to look more like the originals. But personally, I don't care.  Maybe the show-tractor purists do, but that's okay - don't buy them if you want perfection.
      The only challenge so far has been that most used hoods have bumped into a tree, fence post, or something over the years and are not in perfect shape.  These bezels fit my tractors pretty well, but I was told by someone I sent a sample to that they were a bit of a loose fit on a NOS hood.  But that's okay too.  If you have an unblemished hood, give me the exact Width/Height measurements of your headlight holes, and we can adjust the size of the bezel for a tighter fit if necessary.
      I'm looking to get $25 per pair, plus shipping (USPS Priority is about $9.50).  Discount on multiple pairs, and I should be able to ship at least 5 pairs in one box if you want a bunch.  Also, these could be done in just about any color by request. The first tests were in white and silver, since that was what was handy at the time. All later ones already made are in black. This is PLA material, not ABS, which is more brittle. In my opinion, these are probably more durable than the originals, but that's just a feeling.  I have several pairs available, but as soon as those are sold there will be at least a few days lead time before I can get more made and shipped.
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    • Nuzmuz
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      Just wanted to show a modification I did to my 1990 310-8. I recently picked up a 36” tiller for my horse and I tried it out on my new garden area. After hitting a rock, it knocked one of the axle brackets open dropping the right side of the tiller. On a manual I viewed, it had clevis pins to hold the lever in, but my bracket did not have them. I drilled a 1/4” hole through on each lever and mounted a 1/4” clevis pin and hairpin cotter to reinforce the lever. I read on another post to just tighten the bolts on the levers, but I think this will work a little better. Hope this helps someone!

    • 608KEB
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      I bought a 1999 312-8 for my Dad. He put a new battery in about a month ago. The battery has went dead twice since.  He has only started the tractor  3-4 times during this period. I'm looking for some suggestions  as where to start looking  for the battery draining  culprit. 
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      Will a 36" side discharge deck off a C-121 fit the 300 series tractors?
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      Greetings from VA
           The 300 series are very popular for many reasons.Out of curiosity when did WH switch from the 1" axle to the 1 1/8" axle  on the 300 series? Rexemouse has said that his dumpster find 300  had 1 1/8" axles..I like the idea of the beefier transaxle but the 300 series seems tobe easier to come by than the 400 series I would like to know which years have the heavier axles.Thanks in advance.JAinVA
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