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this post is for the lucky few who have acquired a 420LSE and really would like to find a decal set.

I have spoken with many of you about the difficulty in getting a decent set made. I purchased another companies chrome vinyl and 

have locked myself in the shop for the weekend. Here is a picture of the maintenance decal. I make lots of brushed chrome decals for

many of the 60's tractors and Kohler engines with acceptable results but the size of the 420 hood decals causes problems during lamination.

I ruined the first run of hood decals due to excessive moisture soaking into the chrome vinyls liner. I wish they would make this vinyl on a 90# liner like the normal wrap vinyl.

that would solve the problem. 

I am going to try printing just the left and right side decals only in the middle of the 15 inch vinyl

which will allow me to reload for cutting even though the edges of the vinyl may be too thin from moisture.

Another problem with chrome vinyls is that they are very delicate on the surface. Just lightly wiping dust particles with a swiffer can leave light but visible scratches.

Plus they are not nearly as easy to install as the air escape wrap vinyl most of my decals are made on.

I know 4 members who have been wanting me to attempt making these again so I am giving it a good try. 


Stay tuned for further developments!!:)








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The dash and console chrome turned out pretty decent.


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If I can get a good cut I will have one usable set completed.




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Terry, I was wondering what the cost would be to get the all the dash decals made, and possibly the one that goes on the rear fender. Thanks in advance

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