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1975 C-120

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    • JasonMc
      By JasonMc
      Hi guys, I purchased my firs WH - a 1976 C-120 Automatic. I have a steep hill on my property and before I go down the hill, I want to understand how my braking system works. I’m aware that this year/model didn’t include disc brakes, so is the breaking purely hydraulic Via transmission and controlled by the speed lever? Has anyone encountered issues with this? Is it safe to use on a steep hill? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • WHX??
      By WHX??
      Sadly Dan @Achto informed me the the other day of a 857 and a C-120 that was deposited at his local county dump. Dump rules are  such that once it hits the ground it stays due to junkyard dogs going to fisticuffs over scrap steel. Understandable  Despite some hastily made plans of bribery,  chicanery and/or hook or crook to rescue them we failed miserably. We may get drummed out of the Mafia for that one.
      I'll let Dan fill you in on the details if he has the stomach.  I would like to believe that that our beloved  ones would be smelted down to produce more tractors but then I wake up from that dream. Sorry no bone yard pics not that we would want to see them.
      Dan asked me if he had a problem over grieving over these lost gems. You decide... So in memoriam I feel it is quite nescessary to post pics of our lost loved ones. Since I don't have a C-120 here's what I have of a 857.  Please post your pics of either models. True story, I wouldn't hose you guys and not just fishin  for 

    • 608KEB
      By 608KEB
      One seat spring is about 1/4" lower than the other one. Has anyone had this problem. If so, what'd you do to fix it?

    • Tuneup
      By Tuneup
      Homer is a typical Southern man. When a tool breaks, he moves it to his backyard to be repaired another time. Turns out I'm the repair guy and have been attempting to barter for an old C-120 and a Commando 7 buried in the yard. He surprised me with the C-125 black hood a while ago after numerous mower, chain saw, weed wacker and whatever repairs. The horses are all out of a shop in Joplin now gone after the big blow... Soooo, 1 repaired old Sears LT and another that I took apart just so he could see after running without oil that the cam was in 4 pieces and the rod in 5 and he said I could have the 120. We pulled it out of the dirt with 4 flats, destroying several ant mounds in the process. Truly, not bad condition thanks to Homer's attention to the use of tarps. He tells me the 301 was bored .030 over and his mind is sharp for a 92 year old so I'm inclined to believe him. May be able to save that Commando in the near future if I repair that old Bolens GT14 first - and so on. So, my collection is now at a lowly 2. I don't think I'll restore this - will just make her a reliable runner and make the wife happy The deck can use a little metal but seems salvageable. Another C saved!

    • 608KEB
      By 608KEB
      I sold this last fall. 1975 C-120 Auto. The buyer called and asked if I wanted it back. I couldn't  say no. He put about 4-5 hours on it. The war dept. told him him he had to chose between a motorcycle or the WH. 

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