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I recently acquired a nice Electro 12 with no attachments. I don't plan on using it as my main mowing machine, but I would like to have a deck anyway. I have a newer 36" SD attach-a-matic deck. Would it be easier to sell/trade this deck and find a correct deck for the Electro, or convert the Electro to accept the attach-a-matic implements? I've heard the conversion is not that difficult.

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The conversion is very easy to do...less than an hour and I have all the parts you'd need to do that.  You would only need to buy a PTO drive belt...about $20 bux.
for further details, contact me at this email:  (just clik the link)

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Sent you an email, sir.

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    • Handy Don
      By Handy Don
      Some time back @jachady posted his project with a Haban flail mower. That’s what inspired me to start my own crazy project. 
      His was already belt-driven but connecting it to the WH took a bit of creativity. I recently scored a Haban 314 or 318 36” flail mower in remarkably good shape (the PO hacked the ID plate though) but it was originally made for a Bolens 1050 with a front PTO. A gearbox turned the rotation. 
      I’ve stripped off the Bolens mount and drive hardware (I’ll post some of the bits for sale here and on the Bolens Forum—the gearbox looks like the one used on some sickle mowers). I am making an adaptor so that with some salvaged parts off a dead single-stage snowblower I can mount it to the front attach-a-magic. I’ll also be adding a pulley coupled to the mower drive sprocket and using the snowblower spring-loaded idler/tensioner on the drive pulley. 
      Now for the kicker. The tractor is stored for the winter at a summer camp hours away so I cannot do any trial fittings for my winter project. I’m trusting the measurements I have but as I get into this I realize I missed a couple things. I’m hoping someone with a 300 or 400 close to hand can take and share some measurements for me and, even better, lives near enuf for me to drop by for some trials! I’m 35 miles north of New York City. 
      Here’s what I need:
      1. The diameter of the outer PTO pulley so that I can properly size the mower pulley. Clearance for this pulley “drives” repositioning the mower’s chain final drive to maintain alignment. The Bolens used a heavy and long universal jointed shaft that there isn’t room to adapt. I’ve scoured the forum and parts manuals but this pulley diameter is never mentioned!
      2. The height from the ground to the center of the attachment’s support bar when it is locked in the attach-a-magic so I can align the mower height. 
      3. The clearance needed between a fully left- or right-turned 8” front wheel with turf tires to an attachment directly in front of the tractor. I want the mower as close as possible but being able to make turns without scrubbing tire is useful!
      I’ve attached a couple of images of the start of the project. More as I progress. 
      Thank you and best regards. 

    • ebinmaine
      By ebinmaine
      I know I've touched on this before and I can't find the thread. So, thank you in advance for humoring me in my lack of ability to operate my phone.
      What I'm trying to do is figure out which donor frames from what years and standard or automatic transmissions would be the right one to use for my 1974 c-160. I'd like to have a spare frame that I can clean up and paint and then start transferring parts from the one that I have.
      If I remember correctly, the late 60s tractor and the B series up to 1975 were considered mid-length. C Series and later B series were considered long frame?
    • JimmyJam
      By JimmyJam
      Hi! I have a 1968 Electro 12 with a Sunstrand hydro transmission. I acquired the tractor over a year ago, not running. I topped off the the tranny fluid w/ what I thought was ATF. Unknown what PO used (this tractor was so bastardized with repairs/maintenance's.). The hydro had no hoses or lift cylinder; the PO put large hex bolts into the tranny ports. I am going to purchase hoses from Lowell @wheelhorseman. What do I do?? Next? Original manual calls for 10w-30 oil for transmission. The Service Manual was updated in BOLD TYPE to use ATF type "A". Confusing???

    • 1.big.l
      By 1.big.l
      hi guys and gals
      im new to this forum and a new owner to a used 1970 wheelhorse electro 12 model # 1-7255
      i paid 20$ for it off some guy knew nothing about it nor did i try and see if it ran. what caught my attention was the hydraulic deck lift and i wanted it!!! so i brought it home cleaned everything up to find out mickey mouse had a nest behind the gas tank and a few wires were chewed. i also noticed a few switches and a flasher relay in there. I think someone hacked it all up. and i dont think this tractor had any of them but i want to get rid of the useless garbage and re wire this whole thing the way its suppose to be. ive searched everywhere and cant find a wiring diagram anywhere!!! also maybe someone can tell me what these controls do? i know the big white switch is head lights and obviously the key is ignition and start and the big knob to the left is the choke but thats all i know. the little metal switch is an on/off switch to what i dont know and the one next to it is a 3 position switch in to i dont know. and the white in the top right has a flasher relay connected to it. If someone can tel me what belongs there and what doesnt i think it will make more sence. Like if there doesnt need to be a fuse in the circuit like the 69 charger diagram ive been seeing then ill re wire it accordingly. But then i see brake lights in a diagram its all a mess! I dont know what belongs and what doesnt
      im also missing misc. parts like the mule drive which i know, boogey wheels and im missing a cover that goes ontop of where the shifter would go if it was a 3-4 speed. can anyone tell me what the plate is called so i can try and find it on ebay?
      thanks for your help i will answer any questions oupload any pictures you want to help better your response
      by the way!!!! this has a foot throttle conversion before anyone says anything about the trottle missing. it does have the electric pto. and i know the fuse holder is broken.

    • RickJ
      By RickJ
      I need to replace the v-pulley pressed in bearing; if I can't, I'll have to replace the entire pulley and new bearing in my mule drive.  Does anyone have a Timkin, SKF or other bearing number for the v-pulley?  I haven't tried to remove the pulley from the shaft yet, so maybe after I do there will be a number on the old bearing?  Any comments or suggestions, or information will be greatly appreciated!
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