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Mr. Fixit

Snow blade I d help

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Mr. Fixit

Hello,all. I'm new to this site. I have searched everywhere trying to identify this blade model with no luck. Maybe someone here knows. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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What are you trying to identify?  What tractor do you want a snow blade for (dozer blade)? 

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Mr. Fixit

Just wanted to know what it fits. Got it in trade. Thought i could make it fit my snapper but it's just going to take more work than I want to put into it.

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    • rustyedge1
      By rustyedge1
      Used solid dozer blade 6-3111 for Lawn Ranger
      Pick up only, CASH only
      Message me for more details.
    • rustyedge1
      By rustyedge1
      39" Dozer Blade for early Lawn Ranger. All welds look good and the nuts on cutting edge are free and turn. Grease zerk is also free and working. 
      PM for details. Cash only. No shipping. Pick up only at my location.
      Solid blade. PM for details. 200.00 OBO cash only.

    • Joe Warren
      By Joe Warren
      Wheel Horse 42” Snow Blade
      Wheel Horse part # 06-42BB02   1979-86
      Used On:            
      B-81 (6 speed), B-82, B-85, B-111 (6 speed), B-112, B-115, B-165 (5 speed),
      LT-832, LT-1100, LT-1136, LT-1137, LT-1600, LT-1637. LT-1642,
      SB-371, YT-12-A,
      208-3, 211-3, 211-5, 211-A, 216-5,  
      One  New Old Stock still in the original shipping carton, and one assembled used blade in very good  condition (shown in photos)
      $199 for NOS unit and $149 for used unit shown.
      Local pick up in Easton MA. I occasionally drive to Bridgewater NJ and may be able to deliver to MA, RI, CT, Eastern NY, or northern NJ.
      Please private message me if you are interested in purchasing.
      Thank you,

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      After using my 8-25 mower successfully for several years I noticed the belts were very worn. I replaced the belts and used the mower several mowings this past summer with no problems until as I was mowing the last time the mower would not move in any gear. After stopping and inspecting the traction belt it was almost completely destroyed. Prior to this I had noticed that the engage/disengage lever was getting hard to activate (very stiff). Has anyone had a similar thing happen?
      Thanks in advance for any help on this problem.
      Just want to keep my mower running.
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      I’m trying to restore my grandfathers old 252-H to use around my property. The tires are shot and the rims aren’t too far behind. Anyone have any recommendations for rims and tires that would fit well on it? 
      right now it has 22 x 7.50 - 12 on the back and 15 x 6 - 6 on the front.
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