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Netley Marsh 2015

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To celebrate the D-200s return to working order I thought I'd show it at Netley Marsh this year, first time I've taken a tractor, usually it's military jeeps. There'd been no real rain for pretty much two months in this area, just the very occasional light shower or drizzle so the ground was rock hard and the grass not exactly lush. All that would change though and it rained pretty much all day Friday with no vehicle movements on the show ground and no arena events so the D stayed in it's trailer.
NM1.thumb.jpg.09e0941e0263d36b370af78250Friday is generally a pretty quiet day at the show anyway so I could see the logic of preserving the site. Saturday the weather was good so off to the tractor display area first thing where tractors of all sizes were gathering including the little ones.
NM2.thumb.jpg.b7b34c1af5a62bd9235d25f69dMet Charlie who'd brought along his Cub Cadet, his Grandad with a Wheelhorse, and Charlie's friend with another WH. I think in all I counted six WHs, a few years back I think there was only one, possibly two.
NM3.thumb.jpg.655ad6e29e61b09bd96422b6b1Charlie's response to the D - I didn't realise they were that big!
NM4.thumb.jpg.8be6d2dbc4593a4fc4ea373027We'd just started talking when it was time for the off round the arena led for some reason by the big JDs.
NM5.thumb.jpg.dc7782792c014fc4b6ccb19d99Too early in the day for there to be many punters round the arena to appreciate the big turnout of agricultural machines of all shapes and sizes - but here's a selection....
NM7.thumb.jpg.c24148ce95cccf3c4cb094707aNM8.thumb.jpg.3bfa110a7dd86ee7d058363284NM9.thumb.jpg.0540e52fb7287eea25b36e38beNMA.thumb.jpg.eff9f77ca4eb93fb0b5e13746bNMB.thumb.jpg.ba6897c0fe565bba0d0d0ded31That's a friend of mine, Ashley, with his combine.
Heavy rain again Saturday night and showers on Sunday. Where the ground was so hard from previous lack of rain it wasn't draining.
NMC.thumb.jpg.d047b707e815d202d7648cbfe4NMD.thumb.jpg.f10fb3eae39e6c8fc466646157So no arena events on the Sunday in fact it was a wash out really and most exhibitors were leaving from midday onward. Always a shame when the weather does this as the show is put on to raise money for charity but although it was crowded on the Saturday I'm pretty sure it will make a loss this year.


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Thanks for sharing.  :text-coolphotos:

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Nice to see the D200 out running and on show Andy!

great pics too

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      Cool crawler. 

   :text-coolphotos:       :thanks:

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oh those john deere's with the bloody maze for a shifter, 5020 and i think a 6020? horrible to drive on the road those JD's

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