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 The forum support member's discount for 2015 has been lowered to 20% from 30%

but that is not bad news for supporters of this great forum. 


The good news is your discount will always be on top of any store wide discounts or sale prices.

Starting  January 26th we will be initiating a 20% discount on all items in the Wheel horse Category for all customers at redoyourhorse.com


a 20% store discount on top of your support member discount (which is visible any time you are

logged into your account on the web store) will give you a total discount of 36% off retail prices that non-support members see

when viewing the store.  (example) a $55 retail item will show priced at $44 for support members when logged in. When you put the item

in your cart and view your cart, any current store discounts will be in addition to your member price. ie $44 member price minus 20% sale discount = $35.20 

a 36% discount. 


This change allows us to offer discounts and specials to everyone who visits the website. Discounts will always be at least 5% or more

and will change from time to time. Feb 1st the storewide discount will drop to 5% which still gives paid support members a healthy 24% actual discount.


 If you are a forum support member and have not registered on my site you can REGISTER HERE

 make sure to enter your forum username when creating your account so i can verify your support status.


Also this year we are continuing free shipping on all orders to anywhere in the US


If you would like to take advantage of the support members discount and the many other benefits of being a forum support member

simply go to the forum STORE and pick a support plan that works for you.


Thank you all for your continued support of this largest and best Wheel Horse Forum in the world. We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 BIG SHOW this year.



Terry, Lola & Buddy

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JC 1965

Wow !!  Sounds great Terry. I would like to thank you and Lola for your support for Red Square and all the members.    :thumbs2:

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:thumbs:  Terry's always taking care of us.   :bow-blue:


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