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What colour wires

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Hi i have just bought a HH100 engine and i need to wire it in. I have 1 green wire and 2 thick yellow wires. I belive the Green goes to earth for the engine kill but how do i wire the yellow wires for charging system. Thanks for you help all.

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on both of my HH100 engines (1968and 1970 ) the "other two "(as mine are painted over)

wires for the charging system are wired to the AC terminals on the regulator and a green goes

from the DC out on the reg to bat + on the wiring diagram for my tractors ?? There may be a manual

for your Tractor in our manuals section...



and :text-welcomewave:  to :rs:

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      By bigcreek
      Well I found an eBay special, 700 Work Horse I bought for the deck to put on the 68 Commando I bought. 
      This 69 came as a parts machine, but all that is there is in great shape. Already pulled the trigger on a Tecumseh HH10, unfortunately did not do the research prior about the crappy coils on these engines. 
      Pill now ponder the repower more 

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      Service manual
      HH80, HH100, HH120, OH120-OH180, VH80, VH100
      First model year engines were named HH140, HH150 and HH160. Changed to OH140, OH150 and OH160 to reflect the overhead valves
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    • RedRider
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      I'm working on rebuilding HH100 and trying to be as attentive to details as possible with my restoration. The picture below was of an NOS Raider 9, which is very similar to the tractor I am working on. The piece in question is highlighted by the yellow arrow in the picture below. What is this metal hoop on top of the engine called and what is its purpose? I have seen some tractors with it and others without. It seems useless to me and likely to be discarded if someone ever rebuilt the engine. I can't seem to find a good reference to it in the online HH100 parts list, at least not anything that gives me a part number to look up. Any insight into this would be appreciated.  

    • classiccat
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      As the title suggests, I'm at a crossroads for a '74 HH100 (10hp) cast iron tecumseh sitting on my shelf.  
      It looks like it was once part of a generator or welder (seller's pic below).

      With a decarb, valve job, tank / carb cleaned and a new head gasket, it runs smooth, no knocks/smoke and has nice throttle response. 
      The bore and ringgap are in spec. 
      The only downside is that the crank is hacked off (I assume it was a tapered shaft anyway) and there's no keyway.

      What would you do?:
      Buy another crankshaft and possibly a connecting rod? Have a keyway milled in the existing crank and add a shaft adapter (1 1/8")  
      Here she is getting acquainted with her cast-iron K181 cousin.

      I think she'd make a fine power plant for a wheel horse roller someday! 

    • BenTheWheelHorseMan
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      I know I've been mia for a while, so it's good to be back. I was looking at a Massey Ferguson 10 on Craigslist, but it has the Techumseh HH100. I have had much better luck with kohlers and just so happen to have an extra K241 laying around the barn. I was wondering if you guys thought it would be super difficult other than the obvious ( changing wiring and ignition switches) to swap out the motors.
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