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The Christmas Tractor (part 8)

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I often reflected back on how I felt that Christmas morning that started my life into garden tractors.  I truly had a passion for these little guys. 


The first people I met on the new internet were Jeff and Don Kane.  Don't forget, the Internet was a new thing. Jeff was on line  at school as was I at the school where I teach. We became friendly and after they visited me in Connecticut, we thought it would be cool to get all of our tractors together. We tossed around the idea of using one of our backyards, when Don said he could get the fair grounds.  We tried to get the word out the best we could.  We had our first show.  Believe it or not,  it was all housed in just one smaller building that is not used in the current shows.  I believe we had about 75 tractors and 40  people.  It was exciting to see a few others who liked Wheel Horse as well as myself.  The club wasn't formed yet and it was just a few people getting together to have some fun.


While we were together at the show, it occurred to me that everyone had a foggy and very different history of these tractors. Everyone seemed to have a passion for anything to do with Wheel Horse. It also was evident that every single person I met was a good and decent human being.


More coming soon.


Merry Christmas,


Michael Martino

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Dang, you should write mystery novels also!!! You have a great knack of getting people interested and then leaving them hanging, guessing and wanting more!!! LOL

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