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The Christmas Tractor (part 5)

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Upon my senior year in high school (1981), I made the decision to follow the path of music rather than automotive repair. Throughout college and into my adult life the thoughts of tractors were put aside for the daily things that seem to occupy our lives.  Jump ahead to 1997.  I decided to buy an old tractor to plow my drive way.  We get a lot of wet, heavy snow in New England and my new Simplicity snow blower was getting clogged far too often.  I started searching the classified ads and sure enough, I found an old Wheel Horse with mower deck and snow plow.  I paid $450 and brought it home; repainted it and used it all winter.  This is where it all began for me.  My first Wheel Horse.


Tune in tomorrow for details on this tractor,


Merry Christmas,

Michael Martino

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