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The Christmas Tractor (part 4)

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Did you ever notice that transmissions can get really confusing, really fast?  Well, that was exactly the case here. The gears were chipped and worn, beyond repair.  I was told to put the tractor back together as is and move it outside.  We never second guessed Mr. Gamache. He was an elderly gentleman with a very strong personality. He wore a gray shop coat with stains all over it and had a knot bump on his forehead. Every day during the theory session, we would set up folding chairs in front of a portable blackboard.  It never failed that as soon as he got started, the phone would ring. Before he returned, someone would turn on the circuit breaker for the compressor. When he would return, the loud roar of the compressor would tick him off and he would yell at us and turn off the breaker.  This happened every day, at least four or five times during the one hour theory time.

We went on a field trip to Tarrytown NY, where we visited the Ford Truck Assembly Plant. Once again,  Wheel Horse came into my life.  There were several Wheel Horse tractors towing wagons full of parts inside the plant. I wish I could remember the models.  I'm pretty sure they were electric tractors due to their odd shape.  I think I remember seeing a yellowish one as well.


Tune in tomorrow for more of the story.


Merry Christmas,


Michael Martino

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